Welcoming The Spring Season

File Mar 19, 9 15 59 PM

Despite the forecast, live like its spring. – Lily Pulitzer

Trees, plants and fields are finally starting to turn green again.  A transitional season, spring is a time of renewal and the beginning of a new cycle of life.  There is no question why I welcome the spring season.  It makes me feel hopeful, revived and I look forward to a new recharging in all aspects of my life.

The air seems fresher, my steps seem lighter and spring fever fills my soul.  Life just seems a bit prettier in the spring.  No more excuses for putting off that morning jog/walk because the roads are covered with ice or snow.  No more lounging on the couch all day, the weather is just too nice to waste on that.

The leaves we saw fall and the wilting flowers of winter are now budding with vibrant colors of green, red, yellow, pinks and purples.  Spring is a positive season self-awareness and positive outcomes.  It is the perfect time to start a new home project, begin a new book, finally enforce that New Year’s resolution of going to the gym, or trying a new recipe.

Spring helps us realize and reflect on past lessons learned, and encourages us to embrace and adapt to the start of new changes over time.  For this reason it will remain my favorite season.

Happy first day of spring 2017!

What new changes do you plan on making for the spring season?


12 thoughts on “Welcoming The Spring Season

  1. Love the Lily Pulitzer quote at the beginning! I’m also really excited that spring is happening. Warmer temps, beautiful blooming cacti, and wildflowers for the win! I’m definitely going to try to be outside more.


  2. I love that warmth that comes with spring! Living in Texas spring is perfectly for doing all the summer thing you want to do before summer actually hits and it’s too hot! For being in Texas spring is about trying new things for me!


  3. Love the LP quote! Hmmmm no big changes come for me season to season. Just continuing my goals that are currently in place! Happy spring to you!


  4. I love everything about Spring except for the increase in pollen. My allergies give me a fit this time of year.

    This Spring I am planning to continue working toward my goals with increased dedication and consistency. I want to be certain that this year I will be different from the last.


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